Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We started our pre-marital counseling. We have Rick and Twinky. They lived in Spain for 20 years!! both are super out going and loving. We are so blessed to have them do our counseling. I really believe God is great! He had it all planned out when Rick and Twinky decided to come back to the States. They are perfect to do our counseling in so many ways. My favorite is because both have been exposed to what is like to live in a different culture. Although i have lived in the States for a year already, there are still cultural barriers for me. There are things I need to get used to. And so does Jon when it comes to my culture. Even though I am living here, I will always be Peruvian. There will always be things that I will want to do my way. Like cooking as often as possible, eating rice as often as possible, maybe even speaking in Spanish from time to time. Jon will as well want to do things the way he's been used to. Maybe celebrate Christmas the way they do here in the States; the way he approaches birthdays is different as well, among other things. We are just coming to understand how complex marriage is. Complex as a pain in the butt and an everyday headache maybe, yes that complex. But more than that kind of complexity, complex as for all the things it involves. The necessary hard but good things. It is a commitment!! It is not about me or Jon. Marriage is about God. If we love God, if we obey God, then we will be doing things the right way. That doesn't mean that it will be all stars and roses! But it will be a heck a lot easier to deal with problems. On the other hand, marriage is also not about me, but about Jon. It is not about Jon, but about me. It is about sacrifice and not being selfish. We will be one in Christ. I will have to submit to him. Like the church is submitted to Christ and loves him and respects him. Also, Jon will have to love me. Like Christ loves the church. Unconditionally, with sacrifice and service. Finally, we both will need wisdom to communicate, to build up each other rather than take each other down. We will need a lot of prayer. Prayer for strength, patience, perseverance, faith and love. I am really looking forward to all this. I know right now it is easier to say that it will be to take when the day comes, but its true. It will be a new chapter of my life's journey.