Thursday, February 24, 2011

Your Bridegroom.

This is something I shared with a friend the other day and then I thought it could apply to all of us so I decided to share it here. May the Lord speak to your heart.

God definitely has a plan in mind for you. We were just talking at small group yesterday about how easy it is to praise God when he gives us what we want, but how hard it is to praise him when he gives us exactly the opposite of what we want. We also talked about how easy it is to praise the god of this, the god of that, but most often than should we forget to simply praise the THE GOD. For who he is and not for what He is capable of.

The Lord has his own mysterious, funny and sometimes crazy ways to get our attention. I love it when He does that to me, specially when my relationship with him is going great, because it is then when I tend to miss out on amazing things that He does or simply on who He really is. I don't know if that ever happens to you. Sometimes I just get caught up in the joy or the blessing and I forget the source. He is definitely a true bridegroom and stands still for a while while we walk down the isle, so happy our dress looks great, and the flowers in the altar are beautiful and we forget to look in the eyes of our bridegroom, to notice him and the joy in his eyes of knowing that we are getting closer to him! Then when we get to the altar we finally remember "Oh yeah! I was supposed to be looking at my groom because he was looking at me all the time!" Anyway, I just think that's a neat picture of the Lord waiting for us, enjoying every second and longing to take our hand in holy matrimony!!

I don't know why that picture came to mind, but I know the Lord will provide for you, whatever your need is.

with love,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don't know if I have ever mentioned WAWA here before, so here it goes.

Women Ask, Women Answer. WAWA. It was born from the idea of a book with that name. I thought it was a good idea to have a group/organization that is not too formal but still gives women the opportunity to ask questions about anything, to share their concerns, doubts, or even disagreement with what the bible says and on the other side, us as Christians to be able to sit down and listen to what they have to say and just try to share our faith without judgment or commdenations.

I believe that a bumper sticker conversation is not fair enough for any side. It can be misinterpreted, misguided, and actually cause more harm than help. SO, that is why WAWA exists. It is a time and place to actually have a conversation and truly show God's love to others. The latter may just be manifested by being a good listener sometimes.

Since I am not a theologist this is not a place where ALL our doubts will find their answer inmediately, but the point of wawa is to be fair to one another, to give counsel to those who seek it, to be friends and support each other, and more than anything, to offer a different face of christianity. I know that many people have the wrong impression, are confused or simply ignore a lot of things about christianity. It is my  heart's desire that I will be given a chance to inform, clear doubts or show Jesus' love and not my human judgment.

As the title indicates this group's focus is on women. From woman to woman. I thought this would be a great idea. Not to discriminate men, but we are all different, and not every body feels comfortable talking about about certain issues in the presence of the opposite sex. Another reason, maybe the strongest, is simply because I am a woman. I am not a pastor, I am not even a graduate either. I am a housewife. I am from a different culture and my heart is drawn to care for other women. I think that as a married woman I am also called to be careful when it comes to the opposite sex. I believe it is wise to avoid intimacy (like talking about our feelings) with men. Not that I exclude it completely, but there is always a fine line of relationshio misinterpretation. I just want to be careful. So men, please do not feel like I don't like you! most of my friends are men and I love them, but I am just trying to guard our hearts and the viewers minds as well. You never know when someone will get the wrong idea about your relationships.

Anyway, so that is it! please feel free to visit our website :
feel free to also comment on this blog. I'd love to tell you more about  wawa and any other questions, doubts, or concerns you may have.

with love,


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

friends and coffee

Today was a good day. I went out for coffee with Terry. Is is always good to hang out with him. He is a real friend to me and I love spending time with him (as well with Nancy, his wife).

I've had a terrible cold for the last 4 days, but God was good and stopped my running nose while we were hanging out. I was worried I would have to go to the bathroom every five minutes to blow my nose. I didn't need to do that at all! It was great! the coffee was excellent!! as usual, and the talk magnificent! It is just very refreshing and uplifting to be around the Schotts. They know how to get the best out of you. It was also good to hear in more detail how the mission trip to Peru was. I'm very happy for the Condevilla Church in Lima. They are growing in number and in commitment. God is good! all the time!! :)

Today is also a good day because it is Wednesday! that means that tomorrow is my last time going to bed without my hubby!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait for Friday to come around!! :) I've enjoyed being able to drive to school every day as opposed to take the bus when Jon's work schedule does not work fine with my school schedule! however, I am willing to take the bus the rest of my life is that means that I go to bed at night with my wonderful husband right next to me!!!

Also, today I was able to share with Terry and re-affirm my desire and prayer to lead one person to Christ. That is my prayer. I don't ask for many, although it would be absolutely awesome, I just ask for one life. To have the wonderful blessing and privilege to lead one soul to the wonderful and everlasting relationship with my savior and Lord Jesus Christ!! just to think of the never ending celebration going on in Heaven every time a sinner repents, every time a lost soul is found, every time a life is forever changed by Christ! it gives me goosebumps!! People really don't know what they are missing out on and I would looooooove to let them know, to truly help them understand what God is all about. So please, pray with me. Not for my glory, but for the joy of knowing that another broken soul is restored, a sinner forgiven, a life changed by love. And if you are not a believer, PLEASE, give me a chance to tell you about my Jesus.

in Him,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Colombia is with Him.

Jon second on the right and Steve, his dad, third behind him.

My husband Jon has been in Colombia for the past three days with the Woodlands medical team. They left on Thursday night and arrive to Cartagena, Colombia on Friday afternoon. So far it has been a great few days. He has been sending me facebook messages every day. What a wonderful husband I have!! He knew I would miss him very much and that hearing from him as often as possible would help me get through the week without him.

God is been good to the team. They went through customs without much trouble. Sounds funny, but to be able to say "not much trouble" is actually a miracle. Every time we have been to another country on a mission trip the people at the airport (customs) usually keep our meds and then ask for money in order to get them back. This time I believe it was not the case. Praise God!!

As far as I know, no one has got sick and the clinic is running pretty well. They took care of over 200 people during their first day of clinic (Saturday). That is great!! They were worried they would encounter challenges with the pharmacy area because they only had a pharmacy tech and not a pharmacist. However, God again, was very much present and helped them (and our loved Annie the PT) and things went great!.

Jon told me that they went to swimming on Sunday after church. He said it was the sun was out and it was too hot, that is why they did not stay at the beach for too long. My poor white husband!! I wish I had been there!! It has been two years since I last went to the beach. I mean, a real one! with an ocean not with a lake! I miss those days!! I was able to be there all day no matter how hot it was!!! I'm afraid I'm loosing my beautiful tan. Oh well, I will be back in the ocean soon!! We will be going to Florida for spring break!! I can hardly wait!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you. Please pray for their safety and for God's mighty hand to move in the Colombians' hearts!

Stay warm!!