Friday, June 29, 2012

37 weeks! TERM!

Hello everyone again. Today marks the 37th week of pregnancy.
Wow! time is flying by and I must confess, I am getting a little nervous! However, with this super NOT so Wisconsin weather or temps in the 90s I am VERY much ready to pop!

Now I am weighting 156.6lbs, baby's heart rate is at 160 and as active as usual! I hope that means that most of my weight is liquid and placenta and the baby is not too big. It would make delivery much easier! But I guess we won't know until the day comes!

Yesterday we were able to check out the delivery suite at the hospital. I was not impressed at all, in fact a little dissapointed that it was smaller than I expected. Nevertheless, I must keep mind that it is a small hospital, and although it was small, it was nice and cozy. The nurse was also very sweet.
We are praying that it is the Dr. who has been taking care of us the one who is on call and actually delivers our baby. The hospital is small and there are only 2 OBgyns who deliver, so that is not awful. We have met them both (we actually had our weekly done with the other doctor yesterday), however our regular doctor already knows me, knows what I want and how we feel about everything, and I just feel like, as a woman, she will be more understanding of our requests. Yet, in the end it will be God's decision on who (and how) delivers our baby.

I am afraid my mother will not be able to be with me which makes me very sad. All this visa situation is not fair sometimes. She hasn't had an interview yet, but since time is running out, she won't try for July but for later on the year. Plus my dad is not doing very well with his health and needs surgery. So we will wait and see how things go. Hopefully they both will be able to come up at some point in the near future. Again, it's up to God.

On the other hand, my mother in law is the best! she's told her boss that she is "on call" for when the baby comes. He knows her and loves her and knows that she puts in more hours than she needs to, so he is ok with that. :) We are trying (by this I mean joking) to get the baby to come on a Sunday, and labor to start on a Sat night or very early on Sunday so I deliver in the early afternoon. HA! Oh! and during the following dates: July 7-9 or 13-15. The thing is my mother in law will be gone for a few days in between those dates and, my sister in law only has sundays off. She has offered to video tape the whole thing, so it would be great if she is free on the day of!! Anyways, I just hope and pray that they all can be there when the day comes. Whenever that is!

On a bright note, my Braxton Hicks kicked in two night ago! I know they are nothing compared to the real thing (or so I am told!) but they are helpful in many ways. It indicates that my body is starting to work and get ready for real labor, and also helps me mentally to set my expectations. They allow me to understand that real labor will be a lot more intense and last a lot longer. They also help me practice my breathing and timing of contractions. :)

On a not so bright note I am getting nauseas more often (not too bad though), some headaches and dizziness, that the dr. ruled out as dangerous but still not pleasant. Most likely is just the hot weather because when I am not hot I don't get them as much.

I will answer the discussion question from the link up of the previous week since this weeks questions implies that I am breastfeeding another kid, which I do not have. (find it on the left bar side: My Pregnancy Journal, from the wonderful blog My Joy-Filled Life): I must have a camera!for either pictures or video. Since my family side lives abroad and can't be here, I need to record every moment to share with them.

Anyways, this coming Tuesday we'll head over to Stevens Point for the rest of the week. I will hit 38 weeks next Friday while we are there, so hopefully something will happen :) something good! having a baby maybe! :P You will know if that happens.

36 weeks


  1. You are sooo close! I can't wait to hear a birth story soon!!!

  2. Just checking in again! Maybe you have had that baby already! Either way, I hope you are doing well. Thinking of you!


    1. Nothing yet Sarah, thanks for checking in! you guys will know for sure when baby comes!! tomorrow is my due date. Hopefully baby will arrieve on time!!