Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pregnancy update

Today I was invited to a Link-up. Basically another blogger (who is expecting) that welcomes other pregnant bloggers to share their pregnancy journey. I thought I would join. I'm not very disciplined with my blogging and I am not keeping a journal on my pregnancy, but I do share it with you all on here every now and then. So here it goes.

How far along are you? I am 29 weeks and 4 days.

Baby's Growth: Baby now weighs about 2 1/2 pounds (like a butternut squash) and averages 15 inches long from head to heel. His/her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature, and the head is growing bigger to make room for his/her developing brain. It's very much active all day. I love it when baby sticks the butt on one side of my belly. I can't wait to meet him/her in person!

Symptons: Well, it is basically legs numbing and hurting at bedtime. It is becoming harder and harder to sleep. I thought it would be mainly because of my all-of-a-sudden minuature bladder, but I actually only wake up once during the night to use the bathroom. Not only the legs hurt, but my spine burns, my breast hurt, I have a hard time breathing when laying down, and of course my arms also are sore and get numb (from being in one position for too long = 1 hr). Mr. Nausea came back but only for a bit in the middle of the night when my stomach feels empty again. The heart burn has kicked in in the form of nasty burning burps. I could go with just the chest pain, but burps? really? Oh and do not forget my tailbone. It also gets sore. :)

Cravings? Food Aversion? I had most of my cravings during the 1st and 2nd trimesters. Now not so much. Maybe if I see something on TV, or somebody is talking about sushi! YUM! as for food aversions, Praise the Lord, it didn't even touch me. Nada! :)

My sweet little worm at 21 weeks!
Maternity Clothes? I have been wearing them since I was 8 weeks. Tiny girl, big belly! :) Not the most comfortable when sitting anymore (specially if it is hot out and I pull down the belly cover part). But it is fine. I love all the cute shirts I have :P

What I'm looking forward to...At this point, the baby shower :) I am in nesting mode and need more items to nest with! but also because I will be 34 weeks and technically only 4 weeks away from "it can happen any time!"

Medical Stuff: Now we are starting with every other week visits. I really like my Dr. she is a sweetheart and gives me peace to know that we are all on board on how we want delivery to be. Like she told me: "You are not sick, just pregnant. Women have been doing this for years! you are in charge, I am here only to assist you and make sure noone is in danger."

Discussion Question: [Do you struggle with any fears about pregnancy, birth, and after? Do you have any wisdom, tips, or advice on dealing with fear surrounding pregnancy and birth? Let us prayer for one another in our fears.]
Answer: I guess my greatest fear is a last minute complication. God will still be God whatever happens. He will always be worthy of praise and thanksgivings. I try to remind myself of that every day of my life. With this pregnancy I try to remind myself of that truth when thoughts of miscarriage or complications come to mind. I am also scared I will not be able to go through with my birth plan. I guess it is more of a pride problem. I am afraid God will want to teach me a lesson and change all the plans I have. Ultimately I know in my heart that He is in control. That I make plans but He has the last word. I am ok with that. I know His ways are better that mine. I know He only has good thoughts for me. Yet, the fear is there. I want things my way...or better yet, I want to be ok and accepting of His ways, whether they are like mine or not. I guess, I fear being dissapointed or mad at my Lord for doing things in a different way. Would you help me pray for those fears to go away? To have a flexible mind, a joyful heart accepting His will and ways?
The best advice I can give on dealing with fear during pregnancy and birth is to talk about it. Say it out loud. To not deny the fact that fear is there. To present it before the Lord in surrender. To share it with others close to us that can pray with us and for us. To try to find the root of the fear. Is it pride? is it because I saw that "it" happened to somebody else? is it because I want to control everything? is it because I don't know God? or have I forgotten what His attributes are? just spit it out. say it. admit it. and with an open hand give it up to the Lord. He is faithful.


  1. I am so excited for you and John! Eres una bella persona y seras una tremenda y hermosa madre. :)

  2. Look at your non stretch marked belly! I'm jealous, lol. You are so right about the fear - saying it out loud, acknowledging it, and handing it over to Him who is in control. It has helped me so much knowing that the Lord knows all my heart and fears, and that so many are praying for me and my baby! So glad you linked up! It's been great reading about all the other pregnant mommies and their little babies. =o)

    1. Thanks Kelli. I've been blessed not to have then on the belly, but oh my hips are nasty!:P but it's worth it:)

  3. Thanks so much for linking up!! I'm so excited for you and your husband - your first baby!!! Praise God!
    You are one adorable pregnant woman!! All those aches and pains are going to be so worth it when you are holding that little one for the first time.
    Baby showers are so fun - especially your first! This is my 7th baby, so my baby showers ended awhile ago! I can't wait to hear about yours!
    I love the attitude of your doc. It's a blessing to find a doctor that views birth as natural and their role is to be there, "just in case." I was blessed to find a doctor like that during my last pregnancy with my twins.
    Your fears, especially for your first birth a so normal. It can be scary having your first baby because it is such an unknown for you. You seem like you have a great handle on it and a great mindset about your fears. I will be lifting you up in prayer and praying that God takes away your fears and replacing them with peace; I pray you continue to be strong in your faith that the Lord is in control and His plans are perfect and good.
    Great advice for dealing with fear - I never thought of doing that - thanks for sharing!
    I know you said that you don't blog very often or really journal about your pregnancy, but I hope you will link up when you can, and I hope you can find some support and encouragement here, being a first time mommy!
    Again, so excited for your family!