Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Well, Medium or Rare?

Yes, most people ask for well or medium cooked meat. I've had that in mind for the past few days...but not because I am hungry for meat. But because it makes me think of my lack of faith in SO many aspects of life.

This world is trying to take more and more control over people's life. We are trying to take more and more control over our lives. Even us Christians. I see it in the simple things. In things that are not necessarily bad or wrong, but simply a reflection of how much we are allowing the enemy - the devil - to take over our minds and hearts.

Lets put it this way: why do you ask for well cooked meat? why don't you eat the chicken from yesterday? and I will even be bold enough to ask, why do you vaccinate? - Now, your answer will most likely be the correct answer: because I do not want get sick from cow meat, or get salmonella from chicken! and Yes! because I do not want to get and even more so, spread a disease!!! Like I said, all those answers are logical, smart and correct. However, are those answers the only path you walk? do you freak out if you can't have it your way? Jesus never complaint how his food was served. I know, he did not come here to start a health care reform. But that is exactly the point! We live with TONS of fears. Some more reasonable  than others. Yet, we forget why we pray before we eat. In the Bible people pray for food in case it had been offered to other gods...and I am sure they also prayed to not get sick.

I guess what I am trying to say is: we are called to be good stewards of all the good things God has given us. That includes our health, our body, our possetions, our job and even the family He has blessed us with. This means to watch what we eat and excersice and watch that our kids don't get hurt and to be diligent at work, and to not go over the speed limit, and...and..and. You get the picture.

But we MUST be careful not to live in fear. The news of new diseases drive us crazy and we get vaccines for things that only exist in other countries that MOST likely we will never visit or will never get that disease. Seeing little kids being kidnapped or rapped will turn parents into neurotics! specially those who live in the SAFEST neighborhoods :S So many people do not leave their homes anymore...nobody knows their neighbor. All because of fears and us trying to be in control of as much as we can. We know we can't control absolutely everything, but we try to control as much as possible. Is that so wrong? YES when it starts replacing your faith in the One who died to save you. It is wrong when you leave in fear! Even more so when you live in denial of that fear!!

I am not saying that you should not get the shots that you need, or that you should only eat sushi. Not at all. what I am saying is relax, pray, be wise and careful. Do not try to control everything, trust a little more. Let go of your fears.

I must admit, and I believe I have mentioned it in past posts.
Before coming to the USA the only fear about pregnancy I had was giving birth...it will hurt. A lot!. Once here, I noticed how afraid people are of miscarriages. Not that it is not something scary, hurtful and hard to experience. It is 100%. But where I come from, it doesn't happen very often. In fact, I didn't know of any case at all that had not been caused by a mistake of the mother (like carrying a heavy weight for instance). Therefore, that fear was non existing in me.
After hearing so many women talk about it and mourn for so long, it finally got me. It was always on my mind and even when we were just trying to get pregnant, I was scared to death of what could happen. Once I got pregnant, I went on to tell everyone as I would in Peru, right after I find out. I thought that would make the fear go away. It didn't. It made it worst becasue people started asking if we were going to wait to tell more people. That made me even more afraid. I do not know the science behind the why it happens more to American women than to Latinas...I simply know that's how it is. But the fear took over me. I started praying every day for it not to happen. I thought about it every single day. Then, I spoke with my mom and explained to her the cultural differences and of course she was in shock to hear that. She encouraged me not to worry about it, that it would not happen. Yet, that did not take all the fear away. I realized what was going on. Satan had taken over me and was telling me that I myself needed to take control over it and live in fear. I just couldn't believe my mind. I was falling pray of his lies. That "yeah, god loves me but I have to do everything I can to control my life and be safe". The final word from God came through a woman who had had 5 miscarriages. She told her daughter to tell me to not even think about it. Do not live in fear. The baby needs a possitive mommy to grow strong. That was it. Somebody who had gone through it was brave and strong and encouraged me to NOT EVEN THINK about it. Which is how I had lived my life before. Just leaving the unknown to the Lord to take care of, and do my part....my tiny, faithful part.

I am only 8 weeks now and still VERY green let me tell you! ha!. Yet, I do not fear what could happen. I know whatever it is, God will be controlling it, not me. I choose to live and walk by faith in the name of Jesus Christ, who died for me on the cross so that I can have eternal life and be forgiven of my sins.

Life on this earth is not perfect. We get sick, we get fired, our house is flooded, people die, and babies are born or not. God gave us free will. It is up to us to choose to truly trust Him. It is up to us to hand him over the control of our lives. It is up to us to walk by faith. It is up to us to whether have it Well, Medium or Rare.

[Some added explanation of the blog. I never meant for it  to be insensitive or offensive to those who have lost a little angel:

Like I mentioned on the blog: "Not that it is not something scary, hurtful and hard to experience. It is 100%." With that I was stating that it is a hard thing to go through. I did not mean to diminish the harship of it at all. From family members who have had more than two loses I know it was not easy. I also mentioned a woman who had 5. She is a pastor's wife, of course I don't believe she didn't trust. Iknow she did. But my blog was going beyond all that. I talk only about how I and I alone felt about it and the fear it brough on me. I had just read blogs from other women who had lost a child and, to my opinion they were not handling it well. Their blogs didn't show much trust. I did not mean that it was mother's fault to lose the baby either.

The blog was meant for trusting God in everything and knowing that everything that happens in my life is for a reason and that God never left me. It is ok to mourn, be sad, even be angry for a while...but from what I had seen (that is my view of others) it was scary and few talked about the trust that we have in God in spite if the suffering.
    at all times I am talking about my desicions and feelings and what I had learned and how talking to this woman who had had the loses encouraged me to not be afraid.

  • I am deeply sorry if you in any way shape or form felt that I was being insensitive towards you. That was not my goal. It was totally the opposite.

  • Believe that , many times after what happened to someone close to me I even prayed to go through the same thing so that I could say that I 100% understood you. and when we got pregnant, I understood a little bit but it would never be the same. that why I do not say how people should or shouldn't feel about it. I have no right to say that because I have not experienced it myself. and even if I had, everybody is different. But the blog was more about the fears before it happens.

    I know it was not very smart to pray for something like that...yet, God allows hurtful things to happen in our lives, not because that is his will for us, but because He knows that it will help us grow closer to him and in the case of couples, to each other. Problems in our lives are never God's will for us but He is the one who allows them to happen for a better outcome. Gold can only be as shiny and beautiful after it is put through fire. I am sure that was one of the many purposes of your little angel's life with you and his/her leaving you so soon. His/Her loss was the fire God used to turn you into gold.]
    Next time, I may go with Medium Well, just to be safe (lol).