About Me

I'm a Christ follower. It’s my desire to honor Him with everything I do.

I’m married to a wonderful man named Jon. He is the love of my life. I’m blessed to be his wife.

I am a mother to a baby girl named Amelia (7m). Oh how I love her! We are more than blessed to have her.

I’m originally from Lima, Peru. I miss it everyday! But I can say now that Wisconsin is my new home.

My first language is Spanish, so please bear with me when I make grammatical or idiomatic mistakes.

I love organizing, helping others, photography, singing, mushrooms, crafts, and deep conversations.

I do NOT like bumper stickers on cars, people with no sense of humor, standing in lines and root beer.

I'm open to suggestions, advice, constructive criticism, and listening to others opinions. 

This blog is designed to share what God is doing in our life, our adventures, my crafts, life in general and whatever God puts in my heart to share.

Enjoy the reading and the pictures.