Friday, April 16, 2010

suitable helpers.

Today I was watching wife swap. It is a really interesting show that basically swaps two wives from two families living 25 thousand miles apart. They are usually very different families but in the end both learn something good from the "mom/wife" given. This last episode though, caught my attention because it was an "evangelical" family and an atheist family. I don't have much to say about the show perse or the atheist family. However, the christian family got into my nerves. The father was treated as a king, as well as the young boy, because the mom said that "the bible says the man is the head of the house". That is totally 100% true. Men are supposed to be the head of the house; that's how Christ stated it. Nevertheless, she went overboard, all of them did. Neither the father or the boy helped at all with house shores. They had gone to the extreme thinking that mom/wife is the same as maid. I also remember the mother mentioning that God made women as a suitable helper for men. Which by the way is one of my favorite verses about marriage. However, God also said that men MUST love their wives. Now, if we all understand what Love is, we know that God did not mean to say that women would be men slaves. The Bible says that Jesus loved us, and that's why he gave his life for us. Jesus himself said that "he who wants to be the first, must serve the others(must become the last)". Jesus himself said that He had come to serve and give his life for everyone. If that is what Jesus did, and He said He loved us...what do you think Love means? what did God mean when He commanded men to LOVE their wives??? did He mean that men would just work outside home, come back, and sit in the couch for the rest of the night?? oh, and just lift their feet when their "suitable helper" comes with the vacuum?? I don't think so. In a Christ centered home, there must be love, and help. That is what God had in mind when He created man and women (among others things). Yet, we as women, must understand that we live in a world that shouts out loud feminism movements, "freedom", independence, etc. They are all good things if we first understand that we have to apply them according to God's word. Men should treat women as capable human beings, just as men treat men; they should think of women as independent and responsible as they do of other men. Women are to be respected and loved. As well, Men are to be respected and loved. They(men) are the head of the house, they are the ones with the last word. That is the way God design it to be. why? I have no idea, it could have been the other way around and then men would be the ones complaining about it and not women. But it had to be one way. And God is good, He is wise and sees the big picture. He never makes mistakes. Everything is made perfect and beautiful because it is made by Him. So women ought to summit to their men. We must respect them, be that "suitable helper" God created us to be. That way we are honoring, not only our men, but God. No matter how awful men are, as long as we obey what God says, we will be blessed. That said, Men should do their part as well. And we women should not allow men to step over us. God said, men are the head of the house but He didn't say women are the feet. He took a bone out of Adam's side(rib)...not thigh!!! I just read a commentary on what the Bible says about women submission to men. We are told to submit, we are not told to obey everything our husbands say. They are told to love us, not to force us to do things. So it is a give/give. Not a give and take because that would be like: "I will love you if you submit to me" or " I will submit to you if you love me". God is clear with his commands. He did not conditioned any of them. He simply said it and we should obey. However, it is definitely easier said than done. I'm not married yet, but I want to be Jon's suitable helper and submit to him. I pray that he will love me the way God commands he to. My life is in God's hand. As well as yours my dear beautiful one. Don't let the evil one convince you otherwise. God rejoices and blesses those who obey Him. Love and submit to your man. Respect your men, let them know that you trust them as the head of the house. Plus, in the end, they are the ones who will have to stand before God and respond as the house's head... We... we will have to stand before God and respond as the suitable helpers. love, F.