Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's been a while.

It has been a long time since I last wrote. I'm sorry, I've been busy.
Many things have happened since I last wrote.
We moved to Madison, we went on our anniversary trip to New York,
We came back to Stevens Point only for a weekend - we stayed the whole week.
A big storm hit us last night, it was awesome! but it was sad when it went away.
Trees are all over the place. On the roads, on roofs, and of course: electricity cables.
The power was gone for approximately 20 hours. But we survived.

I love storms. I know  they are dangerous and can be deadly at times.
However, they remind me of God's voice. Not that I have ever heard it like I hear others.
It reminds me of Exodus when Moses had the people listen to God's voice.
They said it was like thunder or worse. Very powerful. That is our God.
He is gentle and refreshes us like the wind does. But He is also VERY powerful.
Storms are nothing to compare with, but they give us a glimps of His majesty.

Nature's power are only an example of Him who is Lord over it.
I know God's intentions are ALWAYS in our best interest. Everything that happens
has gone before Him first. Sometimes he allows certain things to happen.
Not always because of our sin. Although sometimes that is the reason.
Every action has a consequence. However, sometimes it's only to bring us closer to Him.
Last night's storm had that purpose for me. It made me turn my eyes and prayers to Him.
It reminded me of his voice. His power, His love. We were under his protecting wing.