Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Genesis 1: 31

I started reading Genesis again. Tonight I wanted to continue my reading of Genesis 2. However, as soon as my eyes caught the last verse of the first chapter, I couldn't go on.
I could hardly take my eyes off that verse. And what does it say?

 "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day"
Genesis 1:31

 It may not seem like a super deep and powerful verse. But guess what? It is. Read the first sentence again. The context is of The earth's creation. Including men. Yet, it also talks about you.

Every time God creates something or somebody, He takes time to review His work carefully. He stays still and appreciates what He, The ALL mighty, has made!!! He takes time to see if what He just created is good or not.
Well, He made YOU in your mother's womb (Isaiah 44:24; 49:5). He created you. He saw you, stopped and said: "This is good", "She is good" Actually I believe He said "She is perfect and beautiful!"

God does not make junk!!! Everything He has made in the heavens and under the heavens is beautiful and perfect in His time and image!! I know this because He said it : "and it was VERY good."

In your mother's womb there was no, JC Pennies, nor Mary Kay, or Maybelline to hide the spots on your skin or to enlarge your eyelashes, or even dress you with a 345$ pair of shoes. That concept of beauty doesn't come from God. He sees you every morning when you wake up with awful breath and baggy eyes and He knows you are perfectly and beautifully made. 

So many times we want to change the way our nose looks, or eyes' color, our hair color, our skin color, etc. We hate the way our legs look in a swimsuit, we hate our breast size, our butt size, even our feet (YES! I have a friend that would not wear sandals because she hates her toes!). But we forget that God made us perfect ~that said, don't take me wrong. We DO need to exercise and eat well. Loosing or gaining weight in a healthy manner is also pleasing to God!~ Yes! God wants us to take good care of the body He gave us! Don't go around looking like a beggar or all sloppy. Take care of yourself! but do not forget that you don't need to change who you are and how God made you. You are beautiful just the way you are! you are VERY good!!!

 Is your nose too big? is it too small? are your lips to big or too small? do you have freckles all over your body? none? you hate your hair?? are your sister's hips way better than yours?? wish you had green/brown/gray eyes?? NO, NO and NO! Christ loves you the way you are! He wants you the way you are!! He made you perfect!!! so now suck it up and live with that truth: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE BECAUSE GOD MADE YOU THIS WAY AND HE DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES!!!! not even tiny ones!!

 "God saw [you] after He made [you], and [you] were VERY good..." F.

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