Saturday, November 19, 2011

Second Round of tests!!

So Jon was over with his second round of exams last week. This time he was a bit more nervous and truly felt the weight of the material that he needed to learn. Every day he came back home feeling completely brain-drained. I was so proud of him though for keeping  up the good work.

On my end it wasn't awful. I tried to keep my self busy and the excitement of a weekend with the family in Stevens Point was my light at the end of the tunnel!!

The weekend was quite eventful. A lot of unexpected situations, but it was great to see family and talk about life with them. Jon's bioChem, Cell bio, Epidemiology, etc were not the only tests taking place. I took a pregnancy test and: I am pregnant! I am 5 weeks and very excited. I guess that would be like getting a A! I know it is soon and that most people don't like to share this until after their first trimester...however I am all about the opposite. I think sharing is good because that way I can have a whole army of prayer warriors behind me and the baby's well being. So yes. I ask you to please pray for us and that everything goes well. I too believe that if something were to go wrong, I will already have you all praying for us and be of emotional support. The bible calls the church the body of Christ. We all function better when we work together. So anyways, REJOICE! God is with us through all circumstances. In Him I trust....but yes, we are super excited and wanting to jump up and down all day! :P (there are some people we haven't told yet that we hope to get to soon!)

Now we are back home and more relaxed. We are looking forward to Thanksgivings and more time with family and the dogs!!! :) We also got a bigger cat cage for Leo and Roswell. They love it!!! it is big enough for both of them to sleep in it. It was so nice to drive back to Middleton without the constant and loud "MEOW!"

Also on a very happy note, Jon got 100% on his BioChem exam!! :) we were very excited!! Praise the Lord for He was with Jon reminding him of everything he had studied!:)

Anyways, I am sorry I am not writing as often. My computer isn't working and Jon has his all day at school. It is kind of tough to be inspired just in the two hours that I have the computer at night. Specially when I rather spend more time with my husband than sitting in front of the computer gathering all my new knowledge and thoughts of the day. I can't promise I will write again soon, but I sure I hope!!



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