Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second Semester

So the second semester of school started. It is what we expected. It is harder. It took Jon a few weeks to feel comfortable with the material. Today were his first two tests. He did well I think. He felt good about them.

As for me, it was tough to accept that he would be at school til late most of the week, or going to bed around 1am. However, God was and is always faithful. I did not feel lonely. And even if I did a little, it was OK. I knew the Lord's hand was holding us tight and close to his loving arms.

On the other hand, I have been feeling kind of...blah! It always happens. I hit a wall and my first love's flame diminishes...It doesn't go out completely, but it is not burning as hard and strong as it should. Or I wish it did.

I could blame it on many things, yet I know it is all my fault. I let it almost go out. I get stuck thinking about all the things I wish were different in my life, or myself and I forget. I forget to remember how wonderful my life is only because it belongs to Jesus. I forget to remember that I am blessed in many ways. And I also forget  to actually pray for my heart's burdens. I forget that my Lord, my God, my Father is waiting for me to come running to him and tell him everything that goes through my mind. Every dream, every desire, every word of thanks, every detail about me and my day. He is so faithful to me. Always finding ways to bring me back, get me closer, reach out to me in love!!

My heart rejoices in the Lord for He is my everything!
My heart sings with joy to the One who lived and died for me!
My soul is amazed by his everlasting love,
He has always good thoughts for me.

My Father, the King,
I belong to Him.
My Savior, my God,
I am the apple of His eye.


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