Sunday, August 29, 2010


What is being racist? my definition: making any distinction whatsoever between you and other people and treat them differently because of that. Skin color, language, nationality, accent, health conditions, age, religion, sexual inclination, height, weight, values, background, etc. It's become stupidly ridiculous how racist we all are. To a point where now we have to watch everything we say and the way we hire or accept people in our schools and work places. We do everything based on "how many blacks do we have already" or "how many browns/Latinos" or yellows or whites. We no longer care about the score on the test (which shows you how much they really studied and know!!!). We no longer care about the real abilities/skills the person has. We no longer care about who they are as a person. We no longer care about what is right before God and what is not. All we think about is differences. It is so unhealthy and destructive!!! God created us all different. God created us all unique and with the same value. Our position does not make us who we are. Our nationality does not determine our values and morals. We are all independent and unique individuals. We all deserve a chance to let everyone else get to know the real us. Being different is not the problem. The problem is what we make out of it and how we approach it. We don't need 20% of Latinos, 20% Asian, 20% Blacks, 20% G/L and 20% whites to get some variety!! That is stupid!! We need 100% people!!! people who knows or it's willing to learn, willing to teach, willing to do the job!!!! When it rains, it falls over everyone. The only difference is between using an umbrella and not using one. But that does not stop the rain from falling. I believe there is a difference between not agreeing with something, a behavior, a thought, an idea and the way we treat the person. I am convinced that God is not against politicians. He simply hates their sin of corruption. God is not against gay and lesbians; He is against their sin of contradiction to his word and the way He meant things to be. God is not against people that cheats on their partner; He is against the sin of infidelity and so on. That's why we should NOT treat each other differently...or even worse, point it out every time we have a chance. We are all human, we all make mistakes, we "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." (Rom 3:23) However, God loves us just the way we are. He created us in our mother's womb!!! He deeply loves us!! otherwise He would not have sent His only son to die on the cross for us, for our sins. That was our place!! to be killed and suffer all the pain and humiliation that Christ endured for us!!! and yet, we don't want to do anything with God. And yet we, imperfect, evil and undeserving people have the guts to treat each other like crap. This blog is just a burst of a bunch of things going on through my mind. I don't mean to offend anyone. I mean to make us reflect on the matter. It's my hope and prayer that we stop making a huge deal out of things that really don't matter. Things that actually make us who we are and make the world the wonderful evidence of God's amazing power, creativity and love for us. F.

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