Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blessed Weekend.

It continues to amaze me how faithful God's word is.
So I am still finishing the book "Created to be His Help Meet" by Debi Pearl. I absolutely love it. I am also being more disciplined with my quiet times. I am reading the bible from Genesis-Revelations and I am on Numbers by now. At the same time I am reading Proverbs. God speaks to me through those three different readings.

I have been learning to be the wife God created me to be. Battling each day to submit, respect, love, encourage and of course, help Jon. I am learning to find my joy in Christ and in fulfilling the wonderful role He has given me. Part of that role ( in this time in our lives) is to support and encourage Jon in his studies (for the new readers, my husband is in medical school). As easy as it sounds, I must say it is not!

School takes up a lot of his time. It is not like a job where once your day is over there is no homework to bring home. Jon gets home around 5 for dinner and around 7 he is back with his books in the other room till 9:30 on regular days and 11:30 during exams. That makes him tire or so overwhelmed that he just wants to sleep or watch tv - anything but talk.

I complain a lot. Or at least I used to. Among the things I have been learning is to truly be that suitable helper that Jon needs. To have food ready when he gets home (or almost!). To get up in the morning and at least put his cereal in a bowl with milk and make his coffee. I try not to be an extra load on his shoulders by being "needy". I need him, yes! and he knows that. But being a nagging wife will not give me quality time with him. I fact, it will make him waste time arguing with me and the spend more time trying to get his studying done! So I decided to, once again, listen to my Lord and Savior and believe in Him. I decided to seek God's attention, not Jon's. I decided to be Jon's help meet.

Funny enough, Jon has been more caring than usual and is getting most of his studying done at school so that when he comes home he only spends an extra half hour to an hour reading and then is free to spend time with me. Last weekend, he went to school on Saturday morning and when he came back home around 6 he was ALL MINE! we went out for a walk to the park and sat down under the moon light and talked our hearts away! :) It was so much fun to have my best friend back! Then on Sunday after church we went for a hike and had lunch out. We talked the whole time. I even had an opportunity to put my respect in practice when he did something I thought was inappropriate but it was just a guys thing. We wives sometimes treat our husbands like children and with our nagging tell them that they are "not mature enough" or "men don't know how raise children because they are a bad example". I did it that day and almost ruined our happy hiking. God reminded me though to show Jon some respect and let him lead me. Jon is VERY forgiving, so he forgave me when I asked for it. After that, I realized how blessed I was. I am. God's word is faithful. I was the wife He created me to be, and he blessed me with free time to spend with my husband.


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