Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What is your Idol?

So this week at church we are doing the study on Idolatry.
It has been great, specially after spending the weekend with family in IL, and suffering the loss of my grandma on that same weekend.

I have many idols. Just like you. It sometimes presents itself as work, friendships, desire for control, power, beauty, comfort, approval, etc. But among those idols I have found out that family was one of them too.
One of my worst nightmares is to loose a family member. Now, many of you probably have experienced that. I have, more than once. It is hard. We cry, we are sad and depressed, we get scared easily and overprotect. That is all OK. And it is NOT.

It is OK because God created us with feelings and emotions. He, more than anybody knows and understands suffering. Jesus too wept. However, He moved on and refocused on what is ahead, forgetting what was left behind. He looked at the Father again. That is what the Lord wants us to do. Any loss in this world does not mean life can not go on. Any loss that we suffer in this life does not mean we can no longer rejoice and live. When something holds us back...whatever it is, then it is because we have placed that in the throne of our hearts and we are saying that Jesus is not enough. It becomes our idol because our life and feelings depend on it.

What about the family that is still alive? well, they too can be our idol when our world revolves around them. Many times I did not want to make plans until I knew I would be able to spend a great part of my day with my husband. I love him and could not picture my life without him. I know I would not want to live if something happened to him. However, that means I am making him my idol. Everything I said is true and even sounds noble and faithful. But I am not called to be noble and faithful to my husband more than I have to be to my Savior and Lord. My worst nightmare should not be loosing a family member. It should be spending eternity separated from God. Easier said than done. I know.

 The problem is that if we do not take this seriously, little by little, things/people other than Jesus will be sitting on the throne of our hearts. We if don't stop and ask the Lord to examine our hearts and show us if there is any wicked ways (Psalm 139:23-24), then it will catch us unguarded. An idol is not only made of wood. It doesn't take one night  to turn our spouse, children, parents, or anything into our idols. The devil is smart, he knows our weaknesses. He is the father of lies. Therefore, he will know how to trick us into sin. He does it every day. It is up to us, in our free will, to choose who to listen to: The devil or Our Savior, God.

I encourage you to stop and examine your own heart. Be honest with yourself. Pray for God to show you if there is anything wicked in your heart. It may seem as a noble thing, but remember that what looks good to this world, doesn't always look good before God. And finally, I encourage you  to find an accountability partner outside of your spouse (if you are married) or boyfriend. Sometimes the people who love us most are also blinded and can't see our sins.

May the Lord God Almighty be your everything. May you be found righteous before Him, not men.



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