Thursday, May 31, 2012

Betting List

Last week we went to visit Family in Stevens Point. Jon is off school for the summer and we spent a whole week with family and friends. In spite of the hot weather itt was refreshing!

33 weeks

Anyways, we started "The Baby Pool". It basically is a betting list where everyone attemps to guess different details about our baby. The list includes:

Gender or Sex
Due date
PM or AM

This tradition started in our family with my brother in law and his wife who had their first baby last year.
Of course, to be able to carry out the betting better, the baby's gender needs to remain unknown. Meaning that it will be a surprise for everyone.
I guess if the parents knew, they would just not participate in the betting. However, they would also need to be very good at keeping secrets and not give the gender away in attemps to help someone win, or even by accident with the excitement of someone guessing right.

Whoever gets the closest on most categories wins.

We are excited to see how many people guessed right. I hope I guessed right! :P the winner gets a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy. It makes labor/delivery day much more exciting for everyone!!

How many of you think would get all the answers right?! ...

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