Monday, November 19, 2012

Praise in the Rain

I know a couple of people going through tough times right now.
It is never easy. We never look forward to those times. 
We pray for the Lord to free us from them! or even more so,  to never go through them!
Yet, the Lord allows awful circumstances to come our way. Why?! 
We specifically prayed for that not to happen. 

Well, the answer isn't always what we want it to be. But it is always good and perfect.
God is wiser than any of us...and more than all of us together. Like one my friends puts it: we only carry one piece of the puzzle with us. He sees it all put together!

One reason why God allows tough times in our lives is to make us stronger and more beautiful. 
Do you ever work out? How do you know your muscles are being benefited by your exercise? it BURNS!
Have you ever seen gold in its natural stage? it pretty much looks like any other ordinary rock. For it to shine and be as beautiful as we know it, it needs to be put through FIRE first. So yes, the process of getting stronger and refined will hurt. Not always, but more than often. 

Another reason, and I must confess I'm glad for this one, is to learn to praise Him always. This is a hard one. We all know that. Questions such as "Why?!" and "was this really necessary?!" fill our minds during hard times. The Lord knows our hearts and he will not let us endure what we do not have the strength for. 
Like the song we always pray for God to bring us joy, peace and the chance to be free. We pray for God to bring anything that will bring Him glory. I think we forget that the later isn't always something pleasant!! I cry my eyes out when I sing what follows: "and I know there'll be days when this life brings me pain, but if THAT'S what it takes to praise you, Jesus bring the rain!" ~ makes for wonderful lyrics, but if we really think about it, we are asking for "bad" things to happen. Or at least we are saying "we are OK" with tough times to come our way. Easier said than done! 
I truly believe that THAT should be our hearts' attitude. Always. Whatever it takes to bring God glory! Even if it's pain. We'll take it. Not that we want to suffer, but we'll take that chance if that is what God will use to be glorified. 

One verse I always hold on to (well, I could quote the whole Bible for that matter!) is Psalm 27:13-14

"I am still confident of this: that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."

The Lord has used this verse more than enough times to remind me of His unfailing promises! He is faithful and loves me. He loves you. Things are not always the way we want them to be. God's ways are different from ours. Yet, they are always perfect and good. His thoughts are always of good for those who love him. He is our hope. He is my hope. 

...Holy is the Lord, 
God Almighty,
The Earth is filled with His Glory...

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