Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coming Back!

Hello dear ones!

It's been forever since I last was here! Among the reasons are the fact that my computer died on me! It will simply not turn on anymore. No idea why and no money to repair! My wonderful father in law, therefor, gave me a mini Ipad for Christmas. I love it but it is not the easies thing to type on. At least not for me. Plus, I'm not techy at all and it takes me a while to figure it out.

Anyways, I will do my best to get back on blogging.

For the meantime, a little update.
Amelia is a little over 6 months now. Rolling over from tummy to back, sitting up straight (although she can sit up on her own yet), baby talking a lot more, and starting on solids. It's been so much fun to be a mom! I can't wait to have more! It is not easy by any means, but it's not that bad either! You adjust and learn. Definitely a new way to understand God's character as our heavenly Father. My goodness He is good to us!

Christmas at the in laws was great! As expected :). Lots of love, food and gifts. It was nice to be home and have people to hang out with and talk to! It was also nice to have my husband back and away from the books!

My family was not able to come to the US to visit, so God opened a door for me and Amelia to go there! We surprised my mom. She almost flipped out! We went with the mission team from our church in SP. it was crazy  busy and super tiring but totally worth it. The Lord moved in amazing ways and was very gracious to us. Specially to me! Amelia didn't get sick at all, she loved everyone (and everyone loved her!) my parents got to meet their first granddaughter, lots of Peruvians received medical help and Christ as their Savior, and God kept us all save the whole week! Oh, and she slept all the way back!!! :)

I am still part of the women's Bible study at our church here in Madison. Now I help co-lead it with my wonderful new friend Laura. She is the best! Our small group is awesome too. A mix of personalities, which makes it interesting, but everyone gets along pretty well.

We are enjoying our last few months in the area. We'll move back to Stevens Point in the middle of May. I'm really looking forward to that for a few reasons: we'll be closer to family and friends, I'm going back to school part time, we'll live in a house not an apartment, and it will be summer!!! :) the later is exciting because we will live in front of the WI river and I will be able to teach Amelia how to swim from a very early age! I can't wait!

Well, this is it for now. Feel free to leave a comment...or not! :)

Since I don't know yet how to post pictures in the entries, later tonight I will upload a few pictures of Amelia for you to enjoy from hubby's computer. :)

Now, here they are:

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