Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cleaning simplified

To create a home, we use furniture, appliances, accessories (like pictures), toys, blankets and such. In other words, we must invest time and effort to turn a building into a home. Personalize it.
I consider myself a very clean and organized person. I do not seek to have a sterile house, but just a very clean, organized and inviting one. A place to live and also relax. A house that can be a home.

One aspect of creating a home that many ignore is: cleaning. Wait, what?! How does cleaning fit in all this? Well, a messy and dirty place is usually called a dump. Not a home. So yes! Cleaning and organizing is to some extend needed to create a home sweet home.

But how many people simply dread cleaning their house? Many! I'm one of them. It takes time, it can be nasty, makes you sweat and...just the thought of mixed smells! I mean, all the different products that we use! They may smell good separately, but sometimes it is just too much when used all at once. 

The solution? Cut back on all the different products you use. 

Many of the products we buy are wonderful and very effective. However, when you are on a budget...or have a sensitive nose like I do, buying the best known brand out there is not a wise option.  One way to save is buying store brand as opposed to name brands. Another cheaper and easier solutions is the well known cooking products: vinegar and baking soda. These two combined with some dish soap can pretty much clean EVERYTHING in your home. 

Here are 50 ways to use vinegar taken from 

What I do is, I keep a spray bottle of vinegar and dish soap under the bathroom sink. I use it to clean the sink, counter space, and even around the toilet seat. (The inside of the toilet is the only place where I use some disinfectant store bought product, can't help but is the only place I need to use something strong for peace of mind!!). I also keep a piece of cloth that I only use for the sink/counter top/mirror and another one only for the toilet. It is something little ones can use to clean and you don't have to freak out about it being toxic.

I also keep a dish wand/scrubber in the shower. This way every time I shower I can clean the shower, and again don't be worried about all the chemicals soaking my feet!

Using vinegar to clean the house simplifies my life in many ways: I don't need to break the piggy bank. It saves on storage space being one big (or in my case two) one gallon containers as opposed to 5 different ones. I can store it in my pantry and have free space under the sink! And I use it for more than on chore, cleaning and cooking!

What are some ways in which you simplify cleaning (and living!)?
What other uses do you have for Vinegar?
Please share with us!

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