Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ever since Pinterest came out I have been a faithful member and pinner. I love how I can share ideas and learn from others. It has been a life saver many times. Whether for cooking, last minute gifts, organizing, parenthood. You name it. It can be found on Pinterest.

Today I will share one of the many things I have tried.
Growing green onions. Indoors. As quick as in a week's time.
I know, crazy awesome. Forget about buying again. Well, maybe you will buy again, but this will cut the times you do in half maybe. SO, it will save you 50% of time and money spend in green onion shopping.

So what you do is the following:

Next time you need to use green onions save some buds. Somewhere between 2 and 3 inches long. Place them in a cup/container with some water. You can tie them with some elastic to keep them nice and straight. Finally, watch them grow.

Yes, that simple.

You may need to add some more water as days go by, but other than some light (and sun if possible, but not terribly necessary) that is all you will need to do with it. You can have them in your kitchen's window. Or wherever they will get natural light exposure. I grew them in the winter, so do not worry about direct sunlight. They will still grow if they don't get any.

Here are the pictures of before and after :)

this was just two to three days after I put them in water!

Sorry the picture is not the greatest. I think I deleted the good one by mistake! This was the final product after a week or so.

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