Thursday, June 30, 2011

The End of The First Chapter of Married Life.

Today is Jon's last day at work. He is very excited about that because it means no more pissed off people yelling at him for what is not his fault! and also means that our new adventure starts.

We will be moving to Madison on Tuesday and our new chapter in life will begin.
We are very excited about it. It will be a new neighborhood, with new neighbors of course. New school for both of us. New church, new friends, new environment, new people, new everything!! 

Although it sounds a bit scary - every change in life brings a little bit of fear with it - it also sounds promising. God is faithful to us -all the time! We know he is preparing new relationships for us. New experiences, new ways to bring us closer to Him. It is my prayer that we grow wiser and closer to Jesus. I pray that we keep our eyes open and are able to see what God will show us. I pray that our lives are a living testimony of  the love of Christ to all the people in Madison. Specially in our building.

I am hoping to break out of my comfort zone and be more intentional and open minded in order to make friends. As I have mentioned before, that has been my biggest struggle here in Steven Point. I was talking to Jon this morning, we have very few "friends". We both can count them in one hand, literally. We have lots of "acquaintances". That is not awful. They are all nice people, and we know we could have done more to move to the "friends" level. However, we didn't. I could give the excuse that they didn't try that much either. However, it is not my duty to change everybody else. It my job to be more like Christ, even when I think that people around me are not so much some times. Plus, I am not that special to have everyone want to be my BFF! ha!. Anyway, in spite of our struggle to find  or show ourselves more friendly or social, we had a great time living is Stevens Point. We love each and everyone of the people God put in our lives. We will miss them all. They all will hold a special place in our hearts wherever we go. It sounds more dramatic than it should, since we are only moving an hour and 40 minutes away! But I know this culture! We probably won't see them very often! It will feel as we moved to Texas!

We will also miss the church. Pastor Brian Berg is fabulous! we love listening to his sermons. God has really gifted him and blessed Woodlands church with him. We hope and pray to find a church with such wonderful teachings. Although I was not part of the women's ministries here, every time I went to their meetings or events, I always felt welcomed and loved. I hope and pray that I will find a church with a women's ministry where Christ love is present as well. I also hope and pray for God's direction on what ministry He wants me to serve in.  Although we really loved going to Woodlands and felt blessed to serve there, we will be looking for a smaller size church. We would like to be involved and be more connected to the people. We hope to actually meet everyone there! :)

As for the family, we will miss them too. We are very thankful to God that we are moving close enough to come visit often. And they can also come down to visit us. It was very smart to get a two bedroom apartment, that way they can spend a weekend with us! :)

Oh Lord! you are SO good to us! I praise you for simply being God. All the good and bad things we have gone through this first year of marriage have not escaped from you. You are God when there is a flood, you are God when there is drought. You are God when there is health, you are God when there is sickness. You are God all the time. Please be with us, never leave us.


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