Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today I remembered that I am a sinner.
Yes, I you read right.
I guess sometimes,
when my temper and attitude are the correct ones,
I forget that I am a sinner.
Sometimes I even think I am "a good person".
I may be sometimes, just by the grace of God
working in me through the Holy spirit.
But truly, honestly and deep inside me, I am not.
I am a sinner. I complain, I get mad, I reject, I deny the truth.

When I start believing that I am in the land of the living,
moving towards the land of the dying; is then, when I fail.
I start behaving as if I deserved things.
I behave as if my treasures were in  this world.
When I start believing that things "should be this way" or
"I should have this or that", my heart goes empty again.
Because nothing in this life will be able to fill my heart with Joy.
Nothing in this world will make me completely happy.
Everything is temporary. Nothing belongs to me forever.
Everything will pass, even my husband, even myself.
But not Jesus.
He is everything I need, everything I want, everything I have
and He will never pass. He is here forever. He is with me forever.
He is my treasure.
He is everlasting.
He is my joy.

Lord, take my heart in your hands.
Help me let go of everything this world has to offer me.
Help me hold on to you, forever.
Be my treasure.
Be my joy.
Be my everything.

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