Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crossing the Sea

Life always presents itself with some sort of challenge.
We are servants of our own fears and doubts.
Many times we resign to stay that way, because it is "safe".
However, whenever we have the chance, we pray.
We pray for freedom from fear, freedom from doubts of our future.
Like a friend put it:
we pray to get to the mountain top without having to climb it at all.
If we put our trust in the Lord, it is gone as soon as trouble comes knocking at our door.

It is our hearts desire to be free.
It is our hearts desire to succeed, to be valued, to be loved, to be respected.
But we don't want to walk through the desert.
Every step we take, we look back.
Back to where, although we were despised and forced to work hard for such a little reward,
at least it was not as hot as the desert.
At least we were not being chased - Although we were already captives.
On our way to liberty, when trouble comes, we fear
and complain for being taken out of our comfort zone
(which wasn't that comfortable in the first place).
We turn our backs to God because the pathway to freedom is hard
and things are not given to us in a silver platter.

We tend to look at trials as God's flaws when in reality
it is there where his mighty hand performs the greatest miracles.
In our weakness, He is stronger.
Every attempt of the enemy to make us fall is an opportunity
for God's glory to be shown and his power to shine.

The Lord will never leave us wandering in the desert forever.
He will take down our enemies if we trust him.
He is our provision, He is our protector, He is with us.
He will help us cross the sea. No matter how big it is.
He will make our enemies drown in it.
He will bring deliverance. 

Proverbs 3:5
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;"

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