Saturday, August 27, 2011


What happens when a car is running out of gas? we go to the gas station and fill it up again. Why? because otherwise the car will not work, it will not turn on and take you where you need to go.

 Cars even have a light that turns on before we run out of gas completely. It is indicating, giving us a hint, a flashing light that tells us "We need to refuel!". The same happens in our lives. We sometimes are trying to go on "empty".

What happens if we ignore that light? we will eventually run out of gas and the car will stop in the middle of no where, with no gas station for miles! If we are lucky, somebody else will drive by and stop to help us.

How many times do you wait for the car of life to finally stop running before you go to fill up your tank again? I almost always do that. I forget that I need Jesus as much as a car needs fuel (or electricity for my "green" friends) to work. Either way, it needs some sort of energy or power for it to work correctly. That to us, is Jesus. We need to seek him, spend time with him in prayer, bible reading, meditation and worship! Without him, we will be empty.

Cars also need oil, heating and cooling system, a good cleaning and good tires. That can be translated into fellowship, small group, prayer time, Sunday worship, a good sermon, counseling, bible study. If we don't seek to know more about Jesus we simply fail. If we don't know Jesus, our car will simply not work.

I know it is hard to be discipline. I can almost never get up in the morning and make devotional time a priority. There is always something distracting me...and I allow that distraction to pull me away from God. Like most people would say, "I am not a bad person", however, rejecting Jesus with my distractions, or by not making HIM my priority makes me a really bad person.  It is a daily struggle. We all forget that the car needs to have the oil changed! we go weeks without a good car wash! We are only humans. God understands that, that's why because of his mercies we are not consumed!

Nevertheless, sooner or later we will need to refuel, to wash the car or have the oil changed. We need to go back to Him, we need to have fellowship with other Christians, we need to get in the word and pray. We need to truly seek Him and worship Him. Otherwise, we will be tossed away. We will end up in a car junk yard.

So seek Him. Know Him. He is waiting for you. He wants to love you. Go refuel. The light is blinking. "Empty"


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