Saturday, September 24, 2011

Created to be His Help Meet. be His Help Meet.

I am reading the book "created to be his help meet" by Debi Pearl.
I absolutely love it.
The book is to encourage women to live up the role that God created us for:
To be our husband's suitable helper.
The book goes in depth of what that means and how women of this age and time
go against what God's plan and order.
For many women, the book will be an insult and rated as sexist,
(even though it is a women who writes it),
for others it may be a challenge to truly seek and follow God's commands
and live up to what he created us for.

I really do not want to say much on this post of what Mrs. Pearl writes about
because I do not have the time or space (and it is against copyrights) to write everything that is on the book. However, I highly recommend the book.
I too, highly recommend that if you decide to read it, do so with a learning heart,
willing to let God speak to you, and with humility.
Do not let the strong words or concepts that don't seem "acceptable" to your
political, self-righteous, feminist ways force you to stop the reading before finishing it all.
The first step towards blindness is not wanting to see.
Unwise is a heart that refuses to learn from others.
It is good to have a critical way of thinking but not to the point of approaching lessons with an already closed mind and closed heart for God to speak to.

I do not ask that you agree with every single word,
but at least pray about it, give it a chance to finish what she has to say.
More than anything, don't let this world's point of view keep you
from experiencing the joy and fulfillment that God has in store for you and your marriage.

I'd lovd to hear your thoughts on the book.
He is good, all the time!! He knows best.


PS: I am trying to get a group of married women (or women contemplating marriage) to read this book together and study God's word with it. If you are in the Madison/Middleton area let me know if you are interested in joining me. We can learn and discover God's will for wives together!

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