Friday, February 24, 2012

30 Random things about me...

1) I can touch my nose with my tounge.
2) I love doing crafts

3) I really hate pink, but i still wear it.

4) I am never 100% sure if what i buy is what i wanted.

5) I am pregnant with my first baby

6) Originally I wanted 12 kids, but being more realistic I will settle with 4-6.

7) I live abroad -I am from Peru.

8) I am very shy and never know what to talk about with people.

9) I love photography.

10) swimming is my passion but i cant hold my breath under water more than 30 secs.

11) I dont shower every single day. specially not on sundays.

12) My favorite nickname is "macchi" which is the one my oldest sister gave when I was a baby.

13) I hate it when people dont listen (as in being quiet while somebody else is talking) or pay attention to others.

14) When I was little I used to steal candies from my uncle`s store. (who wouldnt do that anyway?)

15) If i was an x-men i would like to be storm! I love the white hair and that she can fly!

16) 50 First Dates is one of the bests love movies ever and I think more people should do what Henry does for Lucy!

17) I like to learn as many phrases as possible in other languages.

18) I would have got married two months after the purposal, but the groom thought we needed more time to plan.

19) I wish all my friends spoke espaƱol!!

20) Italian food is my second favorite---Peruavian is the first!

21) I am against bumber stickers on cars.

22) The only ring that has lasted more than a month with me is my wedding/engagement ring.

23) I wrote an article for the calledandsent webpage.

24) Street fighter is one of my favorite video games.

25) I hate hello kitty.

26) I love tissue paper.

26) I love mushrooms.

27) If I can avoid it, I don't use hand sanitizer.

28) I would like to have my own scarves busines.

30) I can't hide my uncomfortable/mad face.

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