Monday, February 27, 2012

He knows me.

We all want to be known by somebody else.
It comes natural to seek to satisfy our hunger and thrist.
We even seek to satisfy our social needs. One way or the other.

We want to be known. Not always fully and completely by every single person around  us.
Yet, at least by somebody. At some point in life.

Many times we worry, we are anxious, we have doubts about what the tomorrow will bring.
Or take away.
It is OK. It is our nature. We can't see the future. We can't read minds and hearts. We don't even know our own very well.

I must confess, I worry. I am anxious. I have doubts. I have needs and desires, physical, emotional and material. I wish many times that I could see the future, just for a peace of mind. To know that it will be fine. That we will make it to the end. That things will get better. That I will get what I want.

I must confess, I feel lonely. Rejected. Misunderstood. Restrained. A failure. Not good enough and a big whining baby. I wish I was different. Less of me, more of Jesus. Patient and wise.

I must confess, I am forgetful. Inconsiderate. I get obsessed. I can't let go. I don't show my appreciation. I wish I was content with all my blessings. To be more sensitive, and let go of pride. To show appreciation and thankfulness. To be sane and not obsess over things or people.

I must confess, I always want more by doing little.

I need to be reminded of only three words that bring back my peace. HE KNOWS ME. They hold so much more than mere acknoledgement. Three words that summarize a whole book. He knows me in full. Completely. In detail. In depth and intimately. Every inch of my body, mind and soul. He knows me...and yet, His love for me never changes. He takes me as his own. I am His daughter and He is my father.

All the things I have confessed are true and He already knew them before they came to my mind. He is aware of everything in my life. Everything in this world. Every detail of me.

I can stop worrying. I can turn over my anxieties and doubts to him. All of my needs are and will always be met by Him. All my desires are known to Him. According to his will and glorious riches in Christ, they will be given to me. In this life or the next. I will forever be known by him. Forever loved by Him.

My peace is restored for HE KNOWS ME WELL. He loves me well.

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