Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Capture my Heart, Lord (series)

Hello dear ones,

This last year I have had the priviledge to co-lead one of the small groups of our women's ministry at our local church. It has been a blessing. The ladies in my group are just a blessing beyond imagination.

However, our study is coming to an end. {tear}. This year we studied the book "Capture my Heart, Lord" by Laura Wilcox. It was great. She really helped us see (and understand) God's word from a deeper perspective.

So, since I have been so blessed by this study, I only find it fitting to share some of it with all of you. Tis will also help me not forget what I just studied!

What I will do is only share some of the Bible passages that she used to help us learn about a specific quality of the heart that is captured by God. Hopefully this way I will not inccur in copyright violations.

To start off then the series will be called "A heart captured by God". So look out for a new post on how to allow the Lord to completely capture your heart!

Have a blessed day!

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