Sunday, April 7, 2013

She keeps growing!

Hello dear ones!

It's been a while since you saw/heard from Amelia. I thought you would like a little update!

Time is really flying! My little bundle of joy is now 8 month and crawling her tiny legs away! She started by doing it "push-up" style and then moved on to the "normal" arms and legs. She learns quick! It only took her a week to figure it all out. Of course mommy's hands off most of the time helped!

Here is quick video:

So funny! And here is a week later:

After she got down the crawling, she started pulling herself up. That is all she wants to do now. She crawls to the couch, the chairs, coffee table or anyone close by and helps herself up. Needles to say, we are very happy and proud. However, not surprised. We are trying to have high (within a healthy range) expectations. Or better said, trying not to have too low expectations of our kids. Children are smart and learn quick, if only given the chance to show it. 

Anyways. We will be moving back to SP, closer to our family (an our and half from where we are now) in just 6 weeks! I am super excited. Amelia will have lots of friends to hang out with and a few cousins to bond with! :). I will too have the chance to deepen some relationships (I hope!). 

Back to Amelia, a recap of the last three months: 
She went on her first plane ride to Peru in January. It went well. I'd recommend traveling during their bed time if possible. That way they sleep all the way, just like she did on the way back to the U.S.A. 

She started babbling and giggling more. Her "words" sound like "dada" but she could be talking to the cats or her socks...we don't think it's meant for DH yet. (I hope she says mom first! But we'll see!...oh young mom! Don't know how things happen! Haha).

She was dedicated to the Lord the Sunday before Easter! We are so thankful to God for entrusting us with her precious life. However, we will need his guidance and strength, as well as wisdom to raise her! We will also need of our church family for support, advice, counsel, encouragement ...and babysitters!! :). All the family was able to come. That was real special!

Anyways, too much blah blah, here are some more pictures!!

She adapted so quickly to Peru and loved being held by all the Peruvian ladies!

Christmas pictures by Gale Schoenecke (our aunt) at my in-laws backyard.

Meeting great grandpa Matherly for the first time...and teaching him about computers...
I can't wait to have more of these wonderful little people!! I love you Amelia! never forget that! (and so does your papa!)

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