Sunday, April 7, 2013

Unplanned project!

Does it hapen to you that, you think of a project. Go out and buy the materials. Get home, get started and...not enough! Not even close!

One solution is to go back out and get more or a different material. Sounds good to me. However, I was not in the mood to continue with that same project. But I did not want my money (just a dollar! Hehe) to be wasted. I needed a new idea for my clothes hanging rope. It was pretty enough to use it for other than hanging clothesm from it.

Well, yesterday and today I have been in the crafting mood. Out of the blue, it hit me and I have been working on small projects.

Then, we had beans for dinner. {say what? Where did that come from?!...just read on, will you?} I didn't have enough home made beans (I make big batches from scratch and freeze them :)) so I decided to add some of my back up canned beans.

{supposed to be the angels background sound}

I new I could find some use to the empty can, and I did!

Wrap the rope around it and...tah dah! New storage! :)
Pretty simple. All you need is the dollar store rope, empty (and clean!) can, some hot glue, and patience and time to wrap and wrap...and wrap.

Here are the pictures:

What pretty projects have you worked on lately? 
Happy crafting!


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