Wednesday, February 9, 2011

friends and coffee

Today was a good day. I went out for coffee with Terry. Is is always good to hang out with him. He is a real friend to me and I love spending time with him (as well with Nancy, his wife).

I've had a terrible cold for the last 4 days, but God was good and stopped my running nose while we were hanging out. I was worried I would have to go to the bathroom every five minutes to blow my nose. I didn't need to do that at all! It was great! the coffee was excellent!! as usual, and the talk magnificent! It is just very refreshing and uplifting to be around the Schotts. They know how to get the best out of you. It was also good to hear in more detail how the mission trip to Peru was. I'm very happy for the Condevilla Church in Lima. They are growing in number and in commitment. God is good! all the time!! :)

Today is also a good day because it is Wednesday! that means that tomorrow is my last time going to bed without my hubby!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait for Friday to come around!! :) I've enjoyed being able to drive to school every day as opposed to take the bus when Jon's work schedule does not work fine with my school schedule! however, I am willing to take the bus the rest of my life is that means that I go to bed at night with my wonderful husband right next to me!!!

Also, today I was able to share with Terry and re-affirm my desire and prayer to lead one person to Christ. That is my prayer. I don't ask for many, although it would be absolutely awesome, I just ask for one life. To have the wonderful blessing and privilege to lead one soul to the wonderful and everlasting relationship with my savior and Lord Jesus Christ!! just to think of the never ending celebration going on in Heaven every time a sinner repents, every time a lost soul is found, every time a life is forever changed by Christ! it gives me goosebumps!! People really don't know what they are missing out on and I would looooooove to let them know, to truly help them understand what God is all about. So please, pray with me. Not for my glory, but for the joy of knowing that another broken soul is restored, a sinner forgiven, a life changed by love. And if you are not a believer, PLEASE, give me a chance to tell you about my Jesus.

in Him,

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