Monday, February 7, 2011

Colombia is with Him.

Jon second on the right and Steve, his dad, third behind him.

My husband Jon has been in Colombia for the past three days with the Woodlands medical team. They left on Thursday night and arrive to Cartagena, Colombia on Friday afternoon. So far it has been a great few days. He has been sending me facebook messages every day. What a wonderful husband I have!! He knew I would miss him very much and that hearing from him as often as possible would help me get through the week without him.

God is been good to the team. They went through customs without much trouble. Sounds funny, but to be able to say "not much trouble" is actually a miracle. Every time we have been to another country on a mission trip the people at the airport (customs) usually keep our meds and then ask for money in order to get them back. This time I believe it was not the case. Praise God!!

As far as I know, no one has got sick and the clinic is running pretty well. They took care of over 200 people during their first day of clinic (Saturday). That is great!! They were worried they would encounter challenges with the pharmacy area because they only had a pharmacy tech and not a pharmacist. However, God again, was very much present and helped them (and our loved Annie the PT) and things went great!.

Jon told me that they went to swimming on Sunday after church. He said it was the sun was out and it was too hot, that is why they did not stay at the beach for too long. My poor white husband!! I wish I had been there!! It has been two years since I last went to the beach. I mean, a real one! with an ocean not with a lake! I miss those days!! I was able to be there all day no matter how hot it was!!! I'm afraid I'm loosing my beautiful tan. Oh well, I will be back in the ocean soon!! We will be going to Florida for spring break!! I can hardly wait!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you. Please pray for their safety and for God's mighty hand to move in the Colombians' hearts!

Stay warm!!


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