Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was reading Exodus 7 yesterday. Here, Moses is reminded by the LORD that He is with him. That God will use Moses as if he was god and Aaron the prophet. All these because Moses had trouble speaking, therefore Aaron had to be his mouth. Anyway, it just popped the conversation with my husband about Aaron's actions later on in the story.

When Moses is up in the mountain talking to God [ this is after they have finally taken their people out of Egypt], Aaron is left with the Israelis for a few days. This people, although chosen by God, had a hard time being faithful and trusting the LORD. They were tired of waiting for Moses to come back and their hearts were seeking a god to worship. So they asked Aaron to make them a golden calf statue for them to worship as god. So Aaron did what they asked. He told them to gather all the gold they had (rings, earrings, jewelry, utensils, etc) and they melt it and made a golden calf.

The discussion my husband and I had was on why Aaron did that. We did not have right or wrong answers but I thought it was because Aaron was used to do what he was told. He was Moses mouth, so whatever Moses told him to do or say, he did. I am no expert but I believe that he was used to do whatever he was told to do. It is also believed that he was jealous of Moses at some point because of his relationship with God and how God chose Moses for the job. However, not much is said about Aaron's personality.

When we live a life of religious practices we can fall of track and forget what the LORD is really trying to teach us. God clearly said: "‘Do not make idols or set up an image or a sacred stone for yourselves, and do not place a carved stone in your land to bow down before it. I am the LORD your God." Leviticus 26:1. So when Aaron comes and says lets worship the Lord, referring to the statue, he clearly misunderstood God's message. I don't mean to criticize Aaron or say that he did not love the LORD. I even believe that he may have felt pressured to make the idol. I mean, he was used to being told what to do. Perhaps he was confused, frustrated and even worried about the people hurting him or even worst, walking away from God altogether. I don't know, we will never know what exactly crossed Aaron's mind when he agreed to make the idol. However, it should make us reflect on our own lives. Are we living a Christian life based on what we are told to do or say? Or are we truly seeking the LORD and his guidance? Are we making godly decisions, using the brain our Father gave us to think reasonably? or do we just give in to what everybody at church tells us without even thinking if it godly or what God wants us to do? I strongly believe that we need each other in order to grow as believers. It is important to learn from other Christians, keep each other accountable and seek counsel and guidance. Nevertheless, we need to be careful to not fall into the bad habit of believing and/or everything we are told, and only that. God gave us his word, the holy spirit and a brain. We should use them all to discern the Lord's will for our lives. Do not be a Muppet. And if the Lord has chosen you to be somebody else's mouth, do so wisely. Listen to what the Lord is saying through you, because it also goes for you.


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