Friday, May 27, 2011

Praying for Pharaoh

As I read through Exodus and all the plagues that God sent to Egypt, I find it very interesting and encouraging that Moses never said no when Pharaoh asked him to pray for him. Now, we all know that Pharaoh was just interested in getting rid of the plagues but not in having a relationship with God. He confessed to be a sinner many times, he said "This time I have sinned," and in other occasion he even says that he has sinned against God and Moses. However, his heart was hard. He may have said the truth or not about his sins, but one thing is for sure: his repentance was not life changing. Nevertheless every time he asked Moses to pray for him (sometimes, perhaps, even mocking him), Moses never refused to do so. All the contrary, he gave him specifics on when he would pray for Pharaoh.

Many times (if not most of the time), we tend to rather than pray for our "enemies" we simply give in to criticism. We (or at least I do) complain about them, get hot in anger when others do things we disagree with or even worst, affect us. I hardly ever stop and pray for people that make me mad, or do things I disagree with. Unlike Moses, my answer is many times "No, I will not pray for you". This is not with audible words, but with my attitude. My heart is hardened because of that. Because I choose not to love on them. I guess I should be more like Moses, who too was hot with anger, however, he never stopped praying for Pharaoh and Egypt.

Just think of Politicians. You are most likely already furious! So stop and pray for them. Not for their policies to be what you want them to be, but for their salvation. For God's wisdom in their decisions and actions. Think of your least favorite teacher. I know, they can drive us crazy at times. So stop and pray for them. For God's love to come into their lives. For you to shine Jesus' light before them and be able to witness God's love to them. Pray for them to be good teachers. Think of your boss. Nasty, huh? Well, you know what I'll say: pray for them. Pray for God's mighty hand to be upon them and protect them. To guide them and give them a soft heart to hear His words. Now stop and pray for that one person that "ruins your day". You know, if you think about it, they don't ruin your day. Your own attitude towards them does. They actually give you an opportunity to grow in your faith, to practice your godly love, your patience, your grace (just like Jesus gave it to you!).

Say Yes, I will pray for you.


PS: I am praying for you.

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